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Established in August 2000, Digitrend Solution (S) Pte Ltd had witness and gone through the digital revolution in the Office Equipment industry; from single function black & white analog photocopier to today's digital multifunction printer.  We too have been changing and evolving ourselves in order to stay competitive and competent. However, one thing remain unchanged is our mission, to provide customers reliable equipment and after sales service in a sustainable way for all parties, including the environment.

HP Multifunction Printer

We believe in order for us to win, our customers must win first, and by that, we mean providing good value for our products and services to our customers, so they will continue to use us, support us and believe in our course to create a sustainable business for all.

Good value refers to the total cost of ownership; not just hardware and supplies, services and environmental sustainability are taken into the equation. 

Sustainable business to us, not only include profits, it also include the people we work with, our customers and employees, but also to create positive impacts or reduce negative consequence for the environment and the society.

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