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About Us

Established in August 2000, Digitrend Solution (S) Pte Ltd had witness and gone through the digital revolution in the Office Equipment industry; from single function black & white analog photocopier to today's multifunction color digital printer/copier.  We too have been changing and evolving ourselves in order to stay competitive and competent; from serving only SME (Small Medium Enterprise) customers to serving both SME and MNC (Multinational Corporation) customers.  However, one thing remain unchanged is our mission, to provide customers reliable equipment and after sales service in a sustainable way for both parties.

Over the years, the internet world has changed the way we do our business because it has changed the way our customers buy things.  The internet has made it so convenient for people to get information, source for products & services, communicate and do their work.  So much so that many of our customers are downloading the equipment brochures and information online instead of waiting for the salesperson to pass it to them.  Quotation and proposal are deliver via email instead of fax or hand deliver by the salesperson.  Sales order are being confirm and purchase online instead of signing a hardcopy sales order with the salesperson.  This is very true in today's business environment.

We believe our change is inevitable.  We have empower customers the ability to get a competitive quote online within 30 seconds, without any hassle, and at anytime, anywhere.  We understand customers are always looking for the best deal for their company and prices will be one of the important deciding factor.  Best deal must take into consideration the total cost of ownership which include the multifunction printer / copier price, its consumables, parts and services.  On the other hand, we are facing price erosion and to make matter worst, the copy and print volume have been going down too due to digitalization.  Therefore to meet customers' expectation and to overcome our challenges, this change is a must and it will benefits customers and as well as ourselves.

This change can be done primarily because multifunction printers / copiers have no or very little differentiation from each other.  It is being reinforce especially on meeting the office basic need of copy, print, scan and fax, which generally all brands can perform such functions.  Furthermore, the most important piece of information is in customer hand, which is the usage or copy/print volume information.  This information can be found in your existing multifunction printer / copier, by looking at or printout from the meter reading or usage report setting.  You can also get this information from your existing vendor invoices.  Alternatively, you can give us a call and we will assist you.

There are many benefits of using this website to get a competitive quote online within 30 seconds.  The immediate benefit is speed, within 30 seconds you get your task done.  Secondly, saving you time from unnecessary meeting with salesperson after salesperson, as all brands' MFP are able to meet your basic daily office task of copy, scan, print and fax.  Thirdly, eliminate unwanted pressure from salespeople pestering.  And lastly, you get competitive pricing because we transfer most of our saving to you.  Our saving come from your willingness to get a quote from this website.  By doing so, we saved on our operating cost through eliminating unnecessary huge rental space cost, high salespeople commission and re-invest into our after sales service capability by improving our engineer service ability and re-deploy our salespeople into customer service rep.

In conclusion, business environment is constantly changing.  Let us take care of your office equipment and solution, and you take care of your business and grow them, with a peace of mind.  Together, we can grow our business in a sustainable way.

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